The most recent innovation in today’s business world permits you briefly mend your hair colour gone wrong or surprisingly better upgrade your  month old fading hair colour by shampooing your hair. These shampoos are basically a part of colour protection shampoo, however this time the shampoos incorporate an unpretentious tone in the shampoo itself that lights up and appears each time you shampoo, resuscitating your features while enabling you to outlive your typical hair color length without any side effects to follow . Wet, rinse and wash your shampoo just like any other busy Monday morning and get a vibrant head of your desired hair color.

Free of unsafe alkali, the OJYA SHAMPOO BASED HAIR DYE  is an ideal fix for turning gray, untimely hair maturing which is uncontrolled. Hair will in general dull after some time and even with the remotely included hair tints, it is very conceivable that you lose the shade each time you shampoo. With OJYA SHAMPOO BASED HAIR DYE now you can restore the darkness in your hair with a characteristic sparkle and an a lot more beneficial hair surface.

OJYA SHAMPOO BASED HAIR DYE-Natural Black is the distinctive formula with great conditioning agents (Olive Oil, Glycerin and Pullulan) offers brilliant shade, gloss and moisture, by infiltrating  into each strand of hair and therefore lasts more.

The oil powered technology propels colorants deep into the hair, without ammonia, giving you pure, vivid, long-lasting color. OJYA  improves and restores hair as the oils help to reverse roughness and dullness for more brilliant, long-lasting color. Hair is Hydrated, Silky and up to 3X Shinier than unwashed, uncoloured hair.

The oil fuelled innovation drives colorants profound into the hair, without amonia, giving you unadulterated, distinctive, durable shading. OJYA enhances and re establishes hair as the oils help to invert unpleasantness and bluntness for progressively splendid, enduring shading. Hair is Hydrated, Silky and up to 3X Shinier than unwashed, uncoloured hair.

How is OJYA unique?

Not at all like conventional haircolor, OJYA utilizes a restrictive 60% oil mix with regular blossom oils to accomplish splendid, brilliant shading results.

The interesting non-trickle formula moves colorants into the hair- – without amonia – with a charming sensorial scent.

Is this shade appropriate for me?

OJYA SHAMPOO BASED HAIR DYE is our darkest shade—a characteristic dark that gives 100% grey coverage. It is best for anybody with regular hair between light dark colored and dark. . If you prefer a lighter color that still reflects naturally try our other products…you will be happy with the results.

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