Our Journey Talks About this Company!

We started our venture in the year of 2001. My father was a hotelier and it was an instinct that I will take the same path. But I always had some other plans in my mind. I was then young and energetic, and I wanted to give in this energy into something different, something new!

It was a start to the 2000th year and I wanted to do something that will define the coming decade and the century and will see the 2000’s in a completely different light. I got my hold on VJS. It was a, ere baby that needed nurturing. I decided to be the nurturer and bring it up as my own.

And after all these years, I can pat myself on the back and say, “You have done a pretty good job.”

So, what motivated me?

It so happened that as I grew and learnt new about more things, I chanced upon a document, Earth Charter. Yes, Earth Charter helped me view the world in a completely different light. It helped me feel, what I felt then and decided to do what I do now!

Its introduction stated in a clear statement, “We remain at a basic crossroads in Earth’s history, a period when mankind must pick its future.” And these words touched my heart like none before.

I started thinking that what am I doing? Is it really that impactful? Will this work create an impact? Will people remember me? No, not in the sense of a great fame! But will I be able to do something that will talk IMPACT?

And began my journey!

Well, all these questions were drafted deep in my head. The answers to which I found on a very special trip. I sincerely believe that every new place has something to teach you. And I am so right considering my trip to Himalayas.
In one such trip, I chanced upon a group of motivators. These were a group of NGOs and a group of local farmers. They had come together to learn more about organic farming and how these would help them!

I wanted to be a part of them and help them! But how? Remained the big question! I didn’t have to make much effort!

Their trust- mine keeping!

I didn’t have to look for the answer any further! They showed trust in my proposal. I proposed the idea of purchasing their organic products and making something useful out of the same!

It is one important reason why I took it on myself to ensure things remain correct in their own way. I promoted these organic products and ensured that every international market understands the value of the same.

The farmers are compensated in whole value of the products they sell us. We believe in fair pricing because good products must be bought at equivalent prices. Then we started with our beauty line. More farmers were brought on board. More and more products were created and now we are into 30 products and more at OJYA Naturals.