Herbal Henna Dye

Herbal Henna Dye

When it comes to beautification, we all love to prefer natural ingredients as much as possible. If a choice has to be made between artificial dyes and natural henna, most of the people will go with herbal henna to color hair or enhancing the natural hue.

OJYA Natural serves as one of the leading herbal henna manufacturers in India. If you are willing to dye your hair naturally, OJYA Natural herbal henna can be the perfect choice for you. The henna is available in black, red, and brown shades. Let us look at the details and specifications of this wonderful product by OJYA Natural.

Benefits of Herbal Henna Dye

Herbal henna is known for years as one of the best ways to color your hairs naturally. This is the reason why OJYA Natural brings herbal henna into existence for its consumers.

One can describe OJYA herbal henna hair dyes as the naturally prepared mehndi to color hair. It gives them an astonishing luster. Herbal Henna manufacturers have packaged a readymade mix which is easy to prepare and apply. One can get it ready within minutes.

About OJYA Natural

We are also the herbal henna exporter having a strong presence in the domestic and international market. OJYA Natural takes extensive care in making the things easier for you and the experience better. This product of OJYA is the result of extensive experience in beauty products. Our products pass stringent quality checks before distribution.

OJYA herbal henna supplier, stockiest, and distributor are proud of being a link between the customers and the ace spice brand.


  • Totally plant-based
  • 100% naturally extracted with little chemicals as preservatives
  • It is non-allergic in general
  • Safe for pregnant women
  • OJYA Natural use quality ingredients to make it last long
  • Includes four unique blends of henna, indigo, cocoa, butter, raw materials, and essential oils
  • While henna and indigo work to dye the hair; cocoa butter acts as a great moisturizer. This perfect blend is the feature that makes it special. Its color is a plus point here.

Packing specifications:

  • A packet of Ojya herbal henna dye contains 6 sachets
  • Each sachet contains 10g henna mix
  • Instruction manual

Preparation and application

  • Mix the product with water as per the instructions are given into the manual into a paste.
  • Split the hairs into parts from roots to ends.
  • Apply the herbal henna paste on them with the help of a brush.
  • Keep it for some time (approximately 45 minutes or more) and rinse afterward till it runs clear.
  • Dry your hair and you are done with the application.

The result varies from individual to individual according to the natural color of one’s’ hair. Henna stays rich for about good 30 days and gradually fades after 4-6 weeks.

Want to know where you can get OJYA herbal henna internationally? Ask an herbal henna exporter or contact us and get the herbal henna by OJYA Natural delivered at your place in bulk.