Rapid Red Henna Tube


Henna has been into existence for years and still holds the same importance as years ago. The greenish powder when mixed with water and henna oil, kept for a few hours, and applied to hands, body parts, or hairs gives a wonderful appearance.

Rapid Red Henna Tubes are also a way of decorating your hands with the beautiful henna. According to the Rapid Red Henna Tube manufacturers there can be no better way of decorating your hands with henna other than this.

About Rapid Red Henna Tubes

The name itself clarifies the purpose of these tubes. Rapid red henna tubes are beneficial when you need a quick red decoration on your palms. They are speedy because of the existence of a tube that makes application easier. The henna not only gets into your hands rapidly, but also stays there for a good amount of time.

Being a Rapid Red Henna Tube distributor, OJYA Natural never falls short of describing its benefits. The major advantage here is its simple application. You don’t need to search for the henna, mix it, and prepare the paste. OJYA Natural do it on your behalf and that too using a quality product.

OJYA Natural and the Rapid Red Henna Tubes 

OJYA Natural produce a variety of products to do a perfect makeover of a person. As in our name, we are into producing natural products for skin, body, hairs etc. Our henna products are special in their own way. The rapid red henna tubes that we produce have a huge consumer base.

Even if you are looking for a Rapid Red Henna Tube Exporter, you can contact us for details. The preparation method that we follow makes these tubes special. You definitely wish to have a look at their features and specifications. Here are they.


  • Deep, dark black and rapid coloration.
  • Use of natural henna
  • Cones packed with extensive care
  • Perfect for every occasion
  • No side effects


  • Includes Rajasthani Mehendi powder, Eucalyptus oil, Clove oil, and water
  • 100% natural henna, no heavy metals or PPD-like chemicals used
  • 12 cones packed in a box with a shelf life of one year
  • Based on Nilgiri oil

How to use

The Rapid red henna tube is convenient to use. Just twist the white cap and pierce the tip.

  • Clean the palm.
  • Make beautiful intricate pattern with tube. Allow it to dry for around 30 minutes.
  • Take off the dried henna with the help of tissue paper.

If you want them in bulk, you can ask an OJYA Rapid Red Henna Tube supplier to supply the product to your location. They can be your saviours at the time of festivals and celebration when there is already so much to do. Thus, letting you make the most out of your time.

These rapid red henna cones are a great way to enjoy the look and feel of henna on your body parts.