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OJYA Natural has come up with some really tested and super easy tricks to make your henna look darker than before. But before everything else, you need to know a little bit about henna or Mehendi. It has become the age old tradition to apply henna on the hands and feet, especially of women. In fact, as per tradition, the darker is the color of the henna on the palms of the bride, the better it looks.

About OJYA Natural

Being a certified Indian brand, OYJA NATURAL is well-known as herbal henna cone manufacturer in India and naturally produced beauty products too. The products are manufactured from the herbal and organic components to impart a natural glow to its customers. Their products convey a triplet message – Ayurvedic, organic and ethical.


As the best henna cone brand in India, OJYA Natural has some uniqueness with the product. Know more about these USPs below:

Get guaranteed dark henna stain because of our unique henna recipe Always get the best quality and accuracy
We have over decades of experience in production of henna cone
Always we use 100% natural & organic ingredients during the manufacturing
Lots of pleased retailers & customers in India
Well-packed and rolled to a fine point with 100% security
There is no use of PPD or harmful ingredients


We have manufactured the cones in the finest way possible.
Each package has 12 cones in it.So, you can distribute them amongst your friends.
All the details of the henna cones are provided outside the package.


The Mehendi cones are made up of fresh organic henna leaves. There are silver cones, golden cones and reddish brown cones. Finest organic ingredients are used for the production.

Direction and Application for Use:

Leave henna for quite a long time

After applying henna, leave it for 7 to 8 hours to dry.
You can leave it untouched for 12 hours as well.
Remember, henna should never be washed with water.
Rubbing your palms one against another will not give your fruitful results as well.

Since the henna comes off after drying, leave it as it is. It will automatically come out. Gradually, you will notice the color getting darker.
Dab henna designs with lemon-sugar mixture for a couple of times

Boil some sugar in water and make syrup and allow it to cool.
Now, pour this sugar mixture into a bowl.
Add a few drops of lemon juice into the sugar syrup and mix it thoroughly.
Once your henna gets dried, you can apply the mixture by dabbing it all over the henna.

The sugar allows penetrating the henna into your skin and gives a deeper shade to the henna. Again, the lemon juice can be called a catalyst.

Wrap up the design

Many people suggest that wrapping the Mehendi after applying it works wonders. You can do this wrapping yourself. However, it is recommended that you ask somebody else to do this wrapping for you since you do not want to spoil it. For wrapping the Mehendi gentle, it is recommended that you make use of medical tape paper.


The ingredients used for the production of henna cones are

Henna Leaf Extract
Purified Water
Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose
Color C.I. 16 255, C.I.15985, C.I.16255, C.I. 42090
OilAloe Vera Leaf Extract
DMDM Hydantoin
Xanthan Gum, and Disodium EDTA.