It was 2001. I ventured out of my successful hoteliers fathers shadow loaded with energy and confidence to make a fresh start for myself. It was additionally the start of the thousand years and individuals over the world were checking out their lives and pondering the manner in which the world ought to be during the 2000s. V.J.S was in its infancy and I took V.J.S under my wings to give it a complete makeover.


There were many deliberations and a result of many such deliberations was a document called the Earth Charter. Its introduction started vitally; it said “We remain at a basic crossroads in Earth’s history, a period when mankind must pick its future.”


These words made me take some real time to contemplate results. I realised whatever I chose to make a living out of would inevitably leave an impact on the world. Regardless of whether it was a decent effect or a negative one was my decision. I picked great. They say avenues open up for the person who realizes where she’s going. That is the thing that occurred with me. . During my travels in the Himalayas (Uttarakhand) I spent time with NGOs and farmer groups who were practicing organic farming.

They trusted me enough to let me support them in building markets for the Ayurvedic herbs they were growing organically. They believed me enough to give me a chance to help them in building markets for the Ayurvedic herbs they were developing naturally.

With them were my initial steps while in transit to doing great. I was supporting little agriculturists who were doing their bit to spare the earth and us from pesticides and unsafe synthetic concoctions. Promoting support was crucial for them as it was straightforwardly associated with their vocations. Getting assured and fair payments for their produce was a welcome alternative to being exploited by the middlemen in the mandis (local market places).

To build markets and help small farmers get fair prices V J S Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd was set up. It sourced herbs directly from farmers and NGOs to supply to national and international customers. This effort to promote organic produce stood everyone in good stead. The soil, the environment, the farmer, the customer, and us.

Soon we realised this circle of goodness had to expand if we were to work with more farmers and bring more organic ingredients into people’s lives. We created OJYA, a line of natural beauty products that would be made only with natural and organically grown Ayurvedic herbs.


Several years in the lab with dedicated crew members and unlimited sleepless nights produced our first set of 3 natural cosmetics. Today there are 30 beauty products in OJYA’s range. All made in-house from Ayurvedic extracts using natural and certified organic raw materials.

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