All About Professional Range Colour


Hair colour is one of the best attractions of the hair. If you want a great hair colour then all you need is the best professional colours. There is one of the professional range colour Manufacturer and it promises you of the best results only.
The Ojya Natural is one of the best that you can get your hands on. the professional range of hair colours prove more than just fruitful to you. It is one important reason why you must get through with it as soon as you can.

hair color manufacture and exporter in India

About OJYA Natural:

If you want the best and professional range colour supplier in India then you are at the right place. Ojya Naturals is one of the best of these brands. It believes in organic and natural colour making it one of the most wanted of all. It also deals in other beauty products.


The Professional range colour manufacturer ensure that they provide us only with the best. Following are the USPs of this colour:
• Great and natural ingredients:
The hair colour brings forth a range of natural ingredients. There is no doubt in the fact that these ingredients prove to be helpful because these colour your hair naturally making them healthy.
• Rich hair quality:
Rich hair quality is another important USP of the product. Has there been a hair colour that will colour your hair without damaging it before? Well, this hair colour is one of them.
• Safety:
The hair colour is one of the safest. It is theProfessional range colour manufacturer in India that helps us in securing a better hair quality for ourselves without fail.


The Weight 10 g
Color Miscellaneous.
Number of items in the box 6

How to use?

• To store: Use a dry and a cool place only.
• To avoid: Avoid contact from sunlight.
• To Use: On the hair only.


The Professional range best colour brand in India offers you with the following features:
• Great and impactful colour:
The Professional range colour exporter in India can help you get a great hair colour. It is exceptionally visible and the colour stands out exceptionally. Apart from that, the hair colour is very natural at the same time.
• Adds exceptional lustre:
The colour adds an adequate amount of lustre and glow to the hair. It offers the people with the most natural and yet gorgeous look that they can ever experience.


First test a small amount on the skin behind the ear before using it completely.
To test: A patch test behind the ear! Do it at least 48 hours before using the same.


• Mehandi,
• Chebulic Myrobalan Powder,
• Walnut Powder,
• Indian Madder Powder,
• Gotu Kola Powder,
• Amla Powder,
• Belleric Myrobalan Powder,
• China rose Powder,
• Neel Powder and
• Bhringraj Powder.

Direction for use:

• Shampoo your hair a day prior.
• First pour the sachets contents into a mixing bowl.
• Add a little warm water in the bowl too.
• Mix well and let it rest for 15 minutes.
• Next brush your hair nicely and divide it into layers.
• Apply the mixture on each partition nicely with the help of the tooth combs.
• Leave for around 90 minutes.
• Rinse with warm water thoroughly.