Jasmine Hair Oil - Make Your Hair Growth Stable Again!

Jasmine Hair Oil manufacturer Supplier and exporter in India


Do you suffer from cracking and dull hair? Do you suffer from hair fall problems? Are you looking for the best solution? Well, Ojya Naturals are the best available Jasmine Hair Oil Manufacturer and they take care of proper steps for proper results.

Well, Jasmine hair oil is one of the best oils that one can get through with. It helps with the deep nourishing of hair and also allows you to make sure that the hair remains healthy for a long time. It is one reason why you must choose this brand only.

About OJYA Natural Jasmine Hair Oil :

Are you looking for the best Jasmine Hair Oil supplier in India? Then believe us, OJYA Natural are the best that you can find. This brand helps you with the most organic and safe products.


The Jasmine Hair Oil manufacturer ensures that they provide us only with the best.

Following are the USPs of this colour:

  • The use of natural products:

The Jasmine hair oil is made of natural products. It is one important reason why the hair oil is so effective. One can always ensure of the best results because of this only. You can get through with some of the major benefits.

  • Hair quality is excellent:

The hair quality gets through with some of the major changes. You will experience the rate of hair growth to be maximum. Also, you will find the colour darkening.

  • Very safe:

This Jasmine Hair Oil manufacturer in India only comes in the best quality. It is very safe and only because of the same reason you can get through with some of the major solutions for your hair.


The Weight 120 ml
Color Transparent.
Number of items in the box 10

How to use?

  • To store: Use a dry and a cool place only.
  • To avoid: Avoid contact from sunlight.
  • To Use: On the hair only.


The Soft Black henna best colour brand in India offers you with the following features:

  • Great hair structure:

The Jasmine Hair Oil exporter in India offers the hair a great format and a great addition as well. The hair structure ensures of a great volume and good length. You will be proud at the end of the day.

  • Immense glow:

The hair just changes from the dull to a lustrous one. There is no doubt in the fact that this glow will allow the people to have a healthy-looking hair. You will no more have problem in opening your hair wherever you go.

  • Long effect:

The hair results are great. The long-lasting effect from this oil will help you attain the perfect results no matter what.


First test a small amount on the skin behind the ear before using it completely.

To test: A patch test behind the ear! Do it at least 48 hours before using the same.


  • Natural Jasmine oil.
  • Vitamin E Oil.

Direction for use:

  • Take around 3-4 Ml of oil in your hand.
  • Rub it nicely on your palms.
  • Then all you have to do is use finger-tips to scrub it on the scalp for the equal distribution.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • Or at least for 2 hours before you shampoo.