Maroon Rapid Henna Cone

The maroon rapid henna cone is rich in color and leaves a beautiful dark maroon color on your palm. The maroon rapid henna cone from Ojya Natural is highly pigmented leaving a long-lasting stain on your hand and body.

The maroon rapid henna cone from Ojya Natural has its distribution across India. We are the leading and powerful manufacturer of natural and herbal Mehendi which gives out the perfect blending of color for every occasion.

In addition to this, we play both as an efficient manufacturer and exporter with a high-end reputation in the Henna business. We produce it with the guide of refined procedures and strategies. Our Ojya Natural henna is made of the natural and unadulterated henna that mixes energetic and dependable shading.

The maroon rapid henna cone from Ojya Natural is packed in a secure and durable plastic cone for long-lasting usage. There is no chance of the cone getting leaked or break from manhandling. The Oyja natural maintains a high-end packaging to prevent it from any leakage or breakage.

The specialty of this maroon rapid henna cone is that it is ready to use with an easy application. In fact, the maroon rapid henna cone falls under the multi-color henna range from Ojya Natural.

About Ojya Natural

With immense popularity and industry learning, we have become one of the leading manufacturer and exporter in the market. Our company believes in high-quality and thus we commit to it passionately.

Over the past years, our company has played a successful role in maintaining the trust and faith of our client and customers. However, our clients and customers are highly satisfied and content from the usage of the henna cones of different colors.

Our range of products from Ojya Natural is checked against different quality parameters. We play both as a manufacturer and exporter by providing high-quality henna cone to various destinations worldwide.

We are also proud of being the popular exporter and distributor across the country. Our henna cones from Ojya Natural are easily available in every city being the largest network of suppliers. It is extensively used in making different art form on hand and body on various festivals and special occasions.


100% Natural, Organic, and Herbal
No side Effects
No contain of PPD
1 Year Shelf-LifeLab Tested
Natural ColorColor Shade: Maroon
Weight per Cone: 25gm
Packaging: 12 Cones in a Box
Packaging Type: Box


Henna Leaf Powder, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus Oil, Purified Water, Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Disodium EDTA, and Hydantoin.

Application Procedure:

Wash your hand and pat it dry with a towel or napkin.Begin to draw the desired pattern you preferred on your hand.Leave it to dry completely after the application.
Apply a few drops of squeezed lemon juice with a cotton ball.Remove the dried henna from the hand by scrubbing it off. Or, you can also use the back edge of a spoon to scoop it off from the hand.
To make the color intact and long-lasting put some Vicks or pickle oil and rub it off on your hand.
For few days avoid using water and soap to keep the color intact.
This will eventually give you a bright white color with beautiful articulation.