Know All About the New Herbal henna Cream Hair Colour

Henna Hues manufacturer and exporter in India


Tired of frizzy hair after using a hair colour? Well no more! The all new cream hair colour by the best Herbal henna Cream Hair Colour manufacturer in India offers you the best moisturized and nourished hair. You can now colour your hairs without any worries of them getting dry and frizzy. The product is also responsible to feed your hair with relevant minerals and vitamins.

About OJYA Natural

Ojya Natural, the top Herbal henna Cream Hair Colour supplier in India is renowned for offering natural and high quality hair products to its customers. The products are free from any harmful chemicals. Still the advisory states that it would be better if you do a patch test in advance. You can know more about the products by logging on the website. Get the best natural and organic products from Ojya Natural!


  • The USP of the cream hair colour is that it offers your hairs the much needed moisture and nutrition.
  • The jojoba extracts is responsible for the repairing work. Whereas the milk proteins nourishes them to the core!


The top Henna Cream Hair Colour Manufacturer, Ojya Natural’s cream hair colour contains natural ingredients and it is free of any harmful chemicals. They are devised to nourish the hair without disturbing their original pH balance.

How to Use / Directions of Use/ Application

It is very easy to apply the Best henna Cream Hair Colour brand in India.

  • All you need to do is mix the cream hair and the available developer in the ratio of 1:1.
  • Keep stirring the mixture to avoid any lumps.
  • You can move ahead with cream hair colour application now.
  • It is advisable to leave it for at least 30 minutes and rinse properly. The ultimate hair colour will depend upon the amount of grey colour hairs you have.


  • Intense hair colour results
  • Manages to cover 100% grey hairs
  • Leaves your hair extra soft, silky and well moisturized
  • The hair colour guarantees long lasting effects that can lasts up to 28 hair washes
  • It is a non-drip solution available in different shades of dark brown, natural black, burgundy, dark chocolate and golden brown


The application procedure of the best Herbal henna Cream Hair Colour manufacturer Ojya Natural’s product is quite easy.

  • You must make sure that you apply the colour thoroughly throughout your hair till the tip. Use a high quality brush to apply the cream hair colour properly in your hairs.
  • You must undertake a skin test prior to the final application of the hair colour. This will help you in ascertaining that the product is dermatologically suitable for you.
  • Some chemicals might cause a mild reaction so it is better to be preventive than curative.


The amazing cream hair colour is built of jojoba extracts and milk proteins. You can get the best one from Ojya, the best Herbal henna Cream Hair Colour exporter in India. The jojoba extracts are filled with essential nourishment for the hair.