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OJYA RAPID GOLD HENNA CONE is the trending henna used to decorate hands, legs or other body parts in multi-variant color. The plant variety that is used for multipurpose activities such as cosmetic, Unani, ayurvedic, medicinal etc. This medicinal plant is of great use and significant for our culture and rituals. Always it is a boon to use natural products for many health problems.

Such art is in use for thousands of years. This henna is used in nails, fingers, hair to express their self-beauty. There are well-trained professionals who are properly trained, knowledge, produce good works to glow you among the mob or on a big day. Though it consumes some time to give a beautiful look with better results. This result can long for 2 weeks or 10 days. This tattooing culture is turning to be a contemporary art form and is in practice. The general place to design is arms, hands, feet.

Ojya henna is the natural and pure form of a powder obtained from plant Lawsonia inermis. The name henna is also replaced with Hina, Henna, Mehndi. The compound Lawsonia gives the color to the skin.

About Gold cone

The captain in the skin surface is bound to the lawsone to reproduce the color. The paste comprising of the powdered plant, lemon juice, specific essential oils, and sugar is applied over the area to get the color. When the mole lawsone comes in contact with oxygen oxidizes as it is applied over the superficial area of the skin surface. This coloration of the dye penetrates deep into the skin holding it for 2 weeks if no chemicals come in contact.


The quality of the product is maintained as such, leading the top brands and are available. The Nilgiri oil gives the best output from Mehndi. Ojya Gold Henna Cone has no chemical compounds like ammonia. It is the best-selected product for Skin Tattooing and decorating purposes. This is a fresh, natural product rated at the top.


Purified Water, Henna Leaf Extract, Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Glycerine, Colour C.I. 16 255, C.I.15985, C.I.16255, C.I. 42090, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Xanthan Gum, DMDM Hydantoin, and Disodium EDTA.

Weight 25grams

Colour: Gold


Ojya Gold Henna Cone is readily used for application over the clean and dried area. The hand must be cleaned and patted; dried with a cloth or tissue paper. Then apply the design that you want and wait until it sets. Once dried it can be cleaned with tissue paper. In a lesser time the product sets superficially, but then it will take a little longer time for the keratin over the superficial skin surface will absorb the color. Then apply oil for 5 – 15 minutes on it. Later wipe it off.

Do not apply any soap or wash it with water until it sets. This stays for more than 2 weeks.