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Indigo Blue Black


The mysterious henna-dyed locks are a pleasure to flaunt. Indigo Blue Black works effectively in hiding your grey hair as well as dying hair is a fad these days. This Indigo Blue Black henna gives out the darkest hair color with a shinning covering.You can impeccably coat surface and edges of every individual hair strand which will make you stand out in public. Unlike the regular henna Indigo Blue Black henna guarantees to add body and sparkle alongside a deep conditioning treatment.

In addition to this, Indigo black is organic. The Indigo black manufacturer OJYA ensure giving a rich and long-lasting color for a long period of time. Additionally, this particular hair color works significantly on dull hue resulting in brilliant color and shine.

Indigo Blue Black Bag Manufacturer and Exporter in India

About Indigo Black

The Indigo Blue Black from Ojya Natural has its distribution across India. We are the leading and powerful manufacturer of natural and herbal hair color which gives out the perfect blending of color for every occasion.

About OJYA Natural

With immense popularity and industry learning, we have become one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of natural and herbal hair color in the market. Our company believes in high-quality and thus we commit to it passionately.

Over the past years, our company has played a successful role in maintaining the trust and faith of our client and customers. However, our clients and customers are highly satisfied and content from the usage of the hair-dye of different colors.

We are also proud of being the popular exporter and distributor across the country. Our hair-dye color is easily available in every city being the largest network of suppliers.

We offer our client the hair-dye color with 100% natural henna plant. The Indigo Blue Black from Ojya Natural is packed in a secure and durable sachet for long-lasting usage. There is no chance of the sachet getting leaked or break from manhandling. The Oyja natural maintains a high-end packaging to prevent it from any leakage or breakage.

In fact, the Indigo Blue Black falls under the multicolor hair-dye range from Ojya Natural. The concept of introducing the different color range in hair-dye is to provide a new dimension in the art of wearing hair color.

The Indigo Blue Black is now being the current trending beauty product in the hair-dye industry. Thus, Ojya Natural has given new thought to the trend by introducing the Indigo Blue Black hair color under their brand name.


Indigo Blue Black henna mixture forms a smooth paste with water.

Easy application


100% Natural, Organic, and Herbal

No side Effects

No contain of PPD



1 Year Shelf-Life

Lab Tested

Natural Color

Color Shade: Indigo Blue Black

Packaging: Sachet


Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder

Application Procedure:

Open the sachet and pour the substance in a bowl. Add to it warm water and make a smooth paste form out of it.

Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes with the goal that it chills off to room temperature.

Partition the hair into parts or areas and apply the smooth paste completely all through hair utilizing the brush.

To guarantee even shading advancement, use fingertips to knead hair shafts or utilize a wide-toothed comb to bald spot hair.

Leave it for around 90 to 120 minutes.

Wash completely with water, cleanser, and rise well.