What we are telling  you about the Ittars ,no one had probably told you. Is it not about their fragrance only but about sharing their lives with us. They hang around our lives and wait patiently with their perfumes of love. Their healing presence makes life beautiful and as the touch our bodies they send us on an euphoria.They bring pleasure back into our homes by spreading their fragrance. Even when we are bruised and defeated they give out their best fragrance out of love to soothe and bring succour to our tired mind. How can we not appreciate their presence in our homes and lives. They are divinely precious beautiful treasure with an alluring power that touches our minds and souls…they are gifts from Heaven and their divine fragrance bring peace. Spreading their love they reach out to us even from miles away as the adorn us in weddings and other precious moments speaking to us in the language only the heart can understand. Nature gave us fragrance so that life should move on with sweetness and love…….

Chameli Attar

Chameli attar is prepared by using the Hydro-distillation extraction process from the flowers of Royal Jasmine. It is scientifically known as Jasminum grandiflorum and belongs to the Oleaceae family. This plant can grow up to the height of approx 13 feet and having fragrant white flowers. It is also known as the Spanish jasmine, Catalonian jasmine and some other names at different places. 

Hina Attar

The Hina attar is obtained by the hydro distillation extraction method from the flowers of Hina plant. It gets extracted through the completely organic process and hence the derived attar is filled with natural essence of Hina flower. It is botanically known as Lawsonia Inermis and comes from the Lythraceae family. This attar is originated and manufactured in India and distributed all over the world due to its tempting and refreshing fragrance. Enriched with plenty of therapeutic properties, it can be used for healing various ailments.

Jasmine Sambac Attar

Jasmine sambac attar is prepared through the Hydro-distillation extraction process from the flowers of jasmine plant. It is scientifically known as Jasmine Grfandiflorum and originated in the soil of India. In ancient age, people of India were using this flower for scent and decoration purposes. It is having brownish orange color and unique scent which is so lovely, exotic and refreshing that it can immediately boost up your mental energy and recharge your whole body and mind. That’s why it is widely used to decrease stress level in aromatherapy treatment.

Kewra Attar

The Kewra attar is prepared by using the Hydro-distillation extraction process from the fresh flowers of kewra plant. It’s a flower plant which is found in the coastal region and is native to India. It is scientifically known as Pandanus Odoratissimus and also called as screw pine or screw tree. This perfume oil is prepared in the sandalwood oil base and possesses very refreshing and rosy aroma. It is non-toxic in nature and that’s why used in the manufacturing of various cosmetic and perfumery products. 

Maulsari Attar

The Maulsari Attar, we offer are highly pure and organic as well as carries all the natural essence of herbs and flowers from which it is extracted through the Hydro-distillation process. This amazing perfume oil is obtained from the stems, barks, leaves and flowers of various herbal and flowering plants. Due to its exceptional fragrance, it is broadly used in the perfumery to produce exclusive perfumes and perfume based products. It is also widely used in the aromatherapy treatment to provide relaxing and soothing effect on mind. This perfume oil is broadly utilized in the aromatherapy treatment due to the refreshing and rejuvenating properties. It can effectively alleviate many of the mind related troubles like stress, depression, nervous exhaustion and many more. 

Mitti Attar

The mitti attar is used as a natural perfume since ancient era. In the present time, it is widely used for the preparation of exclusive perfumes that carry the scent of mitti perfume oil. Due to outstanding medicinal properties of skin care, it is used for improving skin tone and texture. This attar can amazingly boost up the natural glow of skin as well as removes excessive oil from your skin. 

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